There's nothing wrong with the
original Agile Manifesto.

It's succeeded beyond our wildest dreams. Closed for modification & open for extension, it's the beating heart of all Agile methods.

The original manifesto focused on teams, not organizations. As Agile organizations are composed of Agile teams, XSCALE lifts the original values to inform principles for all business functions at all levels of an organization.


We are uncovering better ways of organizing value streams by doing so and helping others do so. Through this work we have come to value:

That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more.


Agile Organization is like a pod of dolphins, not a dancing elephant. It doesn't scale Agile to the organization. It de-scales the organization to Agile.


Agile Organization Benefits

What's the difference?

1G Agile makes teams self-organize efficiently.
2G adapts Agile teams to traditional management.
3G makes Agile teams self-manage efficiently:


Self-Organizing Transformation

An organization doesn't need a cadre of external consultants to become Agile

A team can't change faster than its most cautious members. So don't change it, but join progressives into an uncompromised new capability.

The first transatlantic cable began with a steel thread. That fed a machine wrapping threads around it to form a cable. Another wrapping cables around that, cables of cables, and so on.

So as your new capability matures, split it and have the next most progressive join. At every split, change recipients become change agents ...


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