An Open Agile Ecosystem

XSCALE Alliance is the Linux of the Agile world, an ecosystem of strategic partners collaborating on a kernel of proven practice patterns under an open content license. Practitioners and coaches in our community share in the evolution of this kernel.

Ecosystem Structure

  • Practitioner certification has neither maintenance costs, experience requirements, or sunset clauses. Practitioner certification simply means competence to practice; once issued, it never expires.
  • XSCALE Alliance makes no distinction between coaches and trainers. Trainers are competent to coach and coaches also train as a normal part of their role. Only certified Coaches are authorized to contribute to XSCALE training material as moderated by the XSCALE Alliance Stewards’ Council.
  • Stewards are thought leaders who collaborate on curation of training and reference collateral and quality control of Coach certifications.
  • Stewardship is by invitation and requires no fees, but a Steward must hold at least one Coach certificate in an XSCALE discipline and Practitioner certificates in all of them. Stewards train Coaches only in disciplines where both are suitably qualified and they retain 50% of Coach certification fees.
  • XSCALE Alliance has two contributor communities. Practitioners make pull requests to reference material under a "free as speech" license, and Coaches to training material under a "free as beer" one.
  • Strategic Partners are organizations that participate in a mutually beneficial service ecosystem based on XSCALE principles. Strategic Partner status isn’t exclusive; Partner organizations maintain whatever other affiliations suit them.
  • A key commercial benefit of becoming a strategic partner in the XSCALE Alliance is a discount on registration fees for staff and clients. XSCALE Alliance also cross-promotes strategic partners in online and offline collateral and events.
  • XSCALE Alliance offers a gratis “Fellowship” package to any suitably experienced Agile trainer or coach who brings in a team of 5 or more to train as Practitioners. This is offered to the prospective Coach and Practitioners at the sole discretion of a willing XSCALE Steward who will train them together.

Strategic Partner Costs and Benefits

Strategic partners also gain a license to include reference materials in derivative works + pre-published training collateral review + license to use and translate training and branding.

Starter$5,000No staffing requirements$2,00010% off Certificate Registration Fees for employees and clients + Starter online/offline Promotion
Bronze$10,000No staffing requirements$5,00030% off Certificate Registration Fees for employees and clients + Bronze online/offline Promotion
Silver$25,000Maintain 1 or more Coaches on staff$10,00040% off Certificate Registration Fees for employees and clients + Silver online/offline Promotion
Gold$50,000Maintain 3 or more Coaches on staff$25,00050% off Certificate Registration Fees for employees and clients + Gold online/offline Promotion
Platinum$100,000Maintain 5 or more Coaches on staff$50,00060% off Certificate Registration Fees for employees and clients + Platinum online/offline Promotion
                         Currency is USD except in Australia where it's AUD + GST.