An Open Ecosystem

XSCALE Alliance is the Linux of the Agile world, an ecosystem of strategic partners collaborating on a kernel of proven practice patterns under an open content license. Practitioners and coaches in our community share in the evolution of this kernel.

Ecosystem Structure

  • For each XSCALE discipline there are just two levels of certification, Practitioner and Coach. There's no distinction between coaches and trainers. Trainers can coach and coaches train.
  • Practitioner certification has no yearly dues, experience requirements, or sunset clauses. It just means the holder proved their literacy in the discipline. Real world mastery depends on real world experience.
  • XSCALE Alliance maintains a Contributor community who do pay dues in exchange for participation in online and offline networking and continuous access to the latest shared collateral.
  • These Contributors aren't motivated to pay to keep their certificates up. There are no sunset clauses because it's not like you magically forget what you know if you don't pay a tax.
  • Stewards are senior community members authorized to train Coaches. Stewards provide Leadership as a Service to the Coach community to assure consensus on evolution of training and reference collateral. Stewards regularly meet in a council focused on evolution of the ecosystem as a whole.
  • Strategic Partnership doesn't entail equity or directorial obligations and isn’t exclusive in any way; partner organizations may keep up whatever other affiliations they like.
  • Nevertheless, to qualify as a strategic partner you must employ a minimum number of Coaches or Stewards. In return, strategic partners gain a discount on certification fees for their staff and clients.
  • XSCALE Alliance is producing a set of cross-promotion guidelines that govern the way its strategic partners feature in online and offline collateral and events.

Strategic Partner Costs and Benefits

In this table, $X = $1000 AUD in Australia. $X = $1000 USD in the rest of the world.

Bronze$10XMust maintain 1 or more Coaches on staff$5X30% off Certificate Registration Fees for employees and clients + Bronze online/offline Promotion
Silver$25XMust maintain 3 or more Coaches on staff$10X40% off Certificate Registration Fees for employees and clients + Silver online/offline Promotion
Gold$50XMust maintain 5 or more Coaches on staff$25X50% off Certificate Registration Fees for employees and clients + Gold online/offline Promotion
Platinum$100XMust maintain 1 Steward on staff$50X60% off Certificate Registration Fees for employees and clients + Platinum online/offline Promotion