Training in XSCALE Practice Patterns

XSCALE Alliance doesn't purvey a framework. Frameworks can be useful, but self-propagating transformation is based on intelligent tailoring of practice patterns. Training in these isn't to fill specific roles, but to empower specific kinds of teamwork.

Practitioner Training

  • XSCALE Practitioner certification has neither maintenance costs, experience requirements, nor sunset clauses. Practitioner certification simply means competence to practice. Once issued, it never expires.
  • Most Practitioner training is delivered in the course of a self-propagating transformation. To open the ecosystem we also conduct public courses, and the table here lists upcoming public sessions.
  • If you're not physically available in any of these locations you can contact any XSCALE Steward to arrange remote training. We will shortly announce a schedule for remote, live training sessions in different timezones. We're keen to involve well qualified coaches and trainers in our ecosystem and we're happy to train them in conjunction with Practitioner training sessions.