XSCALE Alliance is ...

A learning ecosystem of independent coaches and consultancies de-scaling agile organizations through practices derived from

Like Linux ..

We use Creative Commons to collaborate on coaching and training material for pattern languages – not frameworks – for Business Agility,  Product Management and  DevOps.

We're not like the big training frameworks. We're coaches, not trainers, using XSCALE ourselves to collaborate on engagements, collateral and tools.

For Agile Organizations ...

We don't sell Big-A Frameworks that make clients dependent on Big-A Consultancies. We build self-directing portfolios of self-managing streams of self-organizing teams of the client's existing staff.

We run self-propagating transformation through Seven Samurai Kanban. Build a slender but uncompromised capability, then grow it.
Pods of dolphins, not dancing elephants ...


There's nothing wrong with the
Agile Manifesto.

It succeeded beyond our wildest dreams. Closed to modification but open to extension, it's the beating heart of all Agile methods.

Yet that original manifesto focuses on teams, not organizations. As Agile organizations are composed entirely of these teams, they apply the agile values at all levels to all business functions.

The principles of the original manifesto, however, don't relate to organizations. And the early agile values of decentralized ownership and YAGNI, omitted in the first manifesto, prove critical to learning flows across whole organizations.

Therefore ...

Descaling Values

We are uncovering better ways of developing our organizations by doing so and helping others do so. Through this work we have come to value:

Descaling Principles

Descaled organization is a pod of dolphins, not a dancing elephant. It's about accelerating value-, work- and learning-flow at all scales through:

eXponential return by stacking growth curves.
  Simple design to the elegance of minimum.
  Continuous optimization of business throughput.
  Autonomous teams in self-managing streams.
  Learning: triple loop, breadth-first, set-based.
  Ecosystems-thinking: whole-board & win-win.

Per the Agile Manifesto, we uphold these values and principles as closed to modification but open to extension. As this "Descalng Manifesto" inherits all the values and principles of the original, we don't see it as the last word in agility, but the next.


Descaling and scaling?
What's the difference?

Agile teams self-organize efficiently.
Scaling integrates them to traditional hierarchies.
Descaling aligns them to self-manage and self-direct.

  • Leadership as a Service short-circuits hierarchy to combine autonomy of teams with continuous alignment to drivers & constraints
  • Breadth-first Product Management empowers design, business and tech stakeholders to collaborate on opening throughput bottlenecks
  • Business Agility provides leadership protocols, communication structures, reward models and game theoretics to adapt to changing markets
  • Self-Propagating Transformation generates agile organization without compromise or disruption, opening bottlenecks in learning flow

Self-Propagating Transformation

An organization doesn't need a cadre of external consultants to become agile

A team can't change faster than its most inflexible members. So we don't change existing teams or streams, but assemble progressive individuals into an uncompromised new capability.

The first transatlantic cable began with a steel thread. That fed a machine wrapping threads around it to form a cable. Another wrapping cables around that, cables of cables, and so on.

So as your new capability matures, split it and have the next most progressive join. At every split, change recipients become change agents ...


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