Coaching in an Open Agile Ecosystem

XSCALE Alliance is the Linux of the Agile world, a learning ecosystem of independent coaches and consultancies based on a kernel of proven agile practice patterns. Like Linux, we wrap this kernel in independent commercial distributions of coaching and training.

Ecosystem Structure

  • XSCALE Alliance makes no distinction between Coach and trainer roles. All Coaches are authorized to train, and all Coaches contribute to XSCALE training collateral as moderated by the Stewards’ Council.
  • There is no training path from Practitioner to Coach; Coaches are hand-selected by XSCALE Alliance Stewards based on direct experience of their work.
  • Stewards are prominent independent thought leaders who collaborate on curation of training and reference collateral, and quality control of Coach selection.
  • Stewardship is by invitation and incurs no fees, but Stewards must achieve at least one Coach certificate in an XSCALE discipline, and Practitioner in all.
  • Stewards train Coaches only in disciplines where both are already considered expert. Stewards retain 50% of fees on any Coach certification they issue.
  • Coaches train Practitioners. Practitioner certification has no experience criteria and only certifies literacy in the relevant practice-pattern-language, not practical expertise.
  • Recommended Retail Practitioner training prices vary per market based on exchange and salary rates. In Zurich each Practitioner training costs $2,399 CHF including certification. In India, $600 USD. Coaches are free to offer discounts on training prices but these discounts don’t apply to XSCALE Alliance certification fees.
  • XSCALE Alliance forms a marketplace in which Practitioners, Coaches and Partners share engagement opportunities. XSCALE Alliance takes no margin on such deals.
  • XSCALE Alliance offers a “Fellowship” package that confers Coach certification at a Practitioner price. This package is available to suitably experienced coach candidates who refer a team of 5 or more full fare students to train as Practitioners. This package is offered to the prospective Coach and Practitioners at the sole discretion of a willing XSCALE Steward, who agrees to train them all.

Certification Model

PractitionerNonePassed Test and signed ManifestoNoneSubmit pull requests to Coaches.Right to include reference materials in derivative works + pre-published review + Online Community Access
CoachReference from CoachPassed Test and Steward reviewNoneSubmit and Training collateral pull requests to StewardsTrain Practitioners + pre-publication access & right to use and translate training materials + Online Community Access
StewardReference from Steward + Steward Council ReviewMust become a Coach in at least 1 and Practitioner in all 4 certs + pass Steward Council ReviewNoneFull editing permissions + Provides LaaS to the Coaching community.Contributes to and edits training materials moderated by Council LaaS + Authorises Online Community Access
FellowshipAs per Ecosystem StructurePer certificate.NonePer certificate.Per certificate.
Practitioner certification is $300 after training fees, which vary per market.
Coach training is $5,000 including certification fees.
Currency in USD except in AU where it's AUD + GST.