Andrew M Webster

I work on aligning the way work works with the way people work, ideally so it no longer occurs as "work", and for everyone's benefit!

In 2003 I learned that the "obvious" way to work was Agile - who knew! It was a delight to find it had a name. By 2013 I was clear my job was no longer to work in the corporate world, but to work on the corporate world. Slowly I came to realize that most certifications were helpful, but were a trap - just like qualifications, they are an indicator of achievement, but imply that you're done! Oh dear. In a volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous life, most of the time thinking that you know what you're doing is a mistake! Transparency, inspection, and adaptation - Agility's core - applies to everything, including Agility itself. Over time, I learned about Cynefin, Theory U, Lean, System's Thinking, Conversation for Action, and so on and so on, anything what can extend both situational awareness and response. Nerd!

As a coach, my position is to have great breadth, to help my clients know where to dive in to greater depth. I joined the XScale Alliance as its fundamental tools and pattern language are all immensely useful to gain both situational awareness and situational response. Yay!

If you want to know what to do, when you don't know what to do, even when you think you do, contact me. Not everyone is interested in getting such coaching. But some are, and you'll know if it's you.

Courses by Andrew M Webster