Glenn Marshall

Agile Coach, Scrum specialist and Agile Facilitator who guides teams, leadership and organizations through the agile transformation journey. Certified by the Scrum Alliance as a Certified Scrum Master (CSM) and a Certified Agile Leader (CAL 2); also certified in Kanban (KMP II), Disciplined Agile (CDAP), Lean Change Management (Explorer), Agility Health (Facilitator), LeSS (Practitioner) and XSCALE (XBA Coach, Trainer). Trained as a Professional Coach (Co-Active coach, Agile coach, Kanban coach, Performance coach), in Facilitation (ACI), in SaFE (as a SPC) and Management 3.0.

Award winning communicator, able to both listen and connect. Proven ability to facilitate the delivery of complex projects using leading Agile practices, Coaching and Servant Leadership. Software architecture, design and development background with the knowledge, skill and experience to go deep when needed. History of achieving effectiveness gains through strategizing, incremental delivery and continuous experimentation. Passionate about facilitating positive, cooperative teamwork, building agile community and working with leadership to navigate the phases of their unique agile transformation journey. Known for surpassing targets and delivering measurable, quality results, delighting the Customer. Reputation as a resourceful team builder, working with integrity and professionalism to earn respect, inspire cooperation and exceed expectations.

Courses by Glenn Marshall