LOXDOC - Live Online XDevOps Convention - Septembe 22—24 2020

Descaling DevOps - Global Online Convention - Bring your own tools and teams!

How will LOXDOC work?

Teams and Timezones

Because the world is round, each of the three days is broken into three three-hour sessions with an hour for keynotes between each. That lets us use the Camelot model to synchronize team activities with timezone overlaps between the Americas, Europe, India and Australasia.


We expect the majority of teams in attendance will come from existing XSCALE clients, but we also encourage folks with DevOps experience but little or no knowledge of XSCALE to take part. If you're not bringing a team of your own, let us know when you answer the registration questions upon booking and we'll help you organize a team of your own with others in your timezone.

We will use several organizing tools as we gear up for LOXDOC. In particular you'll be invited to take part in both a realtime chat community over slack and a 3D Kanban over SwiftKanban. If you're not familiar with these tools, no worries, XSCALE coaches will be available to help you come up to speed.

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Live Online XDevOps Convention attendance policies

  1. LOXDOC is a global virtual event for teams from multiple timezones. Where unteamed individuals register for LOXDOC, we will make every effort to form them into teams with attendees from the same timezone.
  2. Places at LOXDOC re strictly limited to 54 people each from the Americas, EU/UK, and Australasia. English language fluency is required to participate in LOXDOC.
  3. Due to the inherent limitations of the Internet and distributed software, we cannot guarantee the reliability of connections between convention participants and convention servers. We will make every effort to keep convention services 100% available to all participants throughout the event.
  4. LOXDOC is the first event of its kind and an unprecedented learning opportunity. For this reason it involves experimental tools and techniques that may not meet your expectations. We encourage all participants to approach any difficulties they encounter in this event with patience, compassion and creativity.
  5. Refunds are not available for LOXDOC. If for some reason you will be unable to attend you can transfer your booking to a colleague by providing at least one week's notice in writing here.