Partners in an Open Agile Ecosystem

XSCALE Alliance is the Linux of the Agile world, a learning ecosystem of independent coaches and consultancies based on a kernel of proven agile practice patterns. Like Linux, we wrap this kernel in independent commercial distributions of coaching and training.

Ecosystem Structure

  • Partners are service provider organizations participating in the XSCALE ecosystem. This participation isn't exclusive; Partners maintain other affiliations and commercial relationships without restriction.
  • A key commercial benefit of Partnership is a discount on certification for staff and clients. This enables partner organizations to increase their margin on XSCALE service provision. XSCALE Alliance also promotes Partners through online and offline social channels, trainings and events.
  • XSCALE Alliance forms a marketplace in which Practitioners, Coaches and Partners share engagement opportunities. XSCALE Alliance takes no margin on such deals.
  • Recommended Retail Practitioner training prices vary per market based on exchange and salary rates. In Zurich, Practitioner training is priced at $2,399 CHF including certification; in India, $600 USD. Partners may apply discounts as they like to training; these discounts won’t apply to certification fees.
  • Stewards, Coaches and Practitioners pay no annual dues to XSCALE Alliance to maintain their certifications, but Partners derive a business stream from their involvement, so they do. There's a sliding scale of partnership levels to match these dues to their business stream.

Strategic Partner Costs and Benefits

Strategic partners also gain a license to include reference materials in derivative works + pre-published training collateral review + license to use and translate training and branding.

Iron$5,000No staffing requirements$2,00010% off Certificate Registration Fees for employees and clients + Starter online/offline Promotion
Bronze$10,000No staffing requirements$5,00030% off Certificate Registration Fees for employees and clients + Bronze online/offline Promotion
Silver$25,000Offer a coaching capability in all three XSCALE disciplines$10,00040% off Certificate Registration Fees for employees and clients + Silver online/offline Promotion
Gold$50,000Maintain 3 or more XSCALE certified Coaches on staff$25,00050% off Certificate Registration Fees for employees and clients + Gold online/offline Promotion
Platinum$100,000Maintain 5 or more XSCALE certified Coaches on staff$50,00060% off Certificate Registration Fees for employees and clients + Platinum online/offline Promotion
                         Currency is USD except in Australia where it's AUD + GST.