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Live Online Training Stream Attendance Policies

  1. Online training streams are sequential: each session is a pre-requisite for those that come after. A session will be of no benefit to you if you have not attended the pre-requisite sessions.
  2. Seats in online training streams are strictly limited to ten (6) places due to the inherent limitations of online conferencing software. In person, people can easily interrupt each other. In larger online classes this is impossible, which would unacceptably limit the benefit of this live training.
  3. Due to these inherent constraints, if you miss one of the the scheduled sessions in your training stream you may *NOT* attend subsequent sessions in the same stream.
  4. In the unfortunate event that you miss a session, your Coach, at their sole discretion and at a price determined by them, may offer a special make-up session for you in order for you to rejoin the stream.
  5. Otherwise, if you wish to continue your training to certification, you'll need to book a place on a subsequent stream at full price. In summary, seats on training streams work like seats on a plane - you can't just get on another one because doing so wouldn't respect the needs of the other paying passengers or the Coach's time.
  6. In the unlikely event that your Coach is unable to deliver a training session, however, a replacement session will be made available to you by your Coach at no extra charge.