XSCALE Live Online Training Streams

A simpler, faster, safer way to generate uncompromised business agility.
Continuously adapting the organization to changing market conditions by
descaling to micro-enterprises: self-organizing, self-managing, and self-directing.

Why Live Online?

Self-propagating change provides a path to descaling without resistance, disruption, or compromise. But to start on it takes a reorientation of executive, product and change leadership moving:

  • Governance from central command and control to decenralized autonomy and alignment.
  • Product management from depth-first projects to breadth-first ecosystems.
  • Change from big-transformation-up-front to simple, safe self-propagating transformation.

Executive, product and change Leaders can't afford days out of the loop in some classroom. So XLOTS run after-hours in a series of three-hour deep dives twice a week connecting change participants directly to world class hands-on business agility experts, not certified academic "trainers".

XLOTS sessions are collaborative, structured courses for groups of ten twice a week. They're hands-on and focused on opening business bottlenecks, not awarding certifications. Sessions are organized like the carriages of a train ...